how to choose the right flooring

How to choose the right flooring

Because of its warmth and aesthetic appeal for the sight, timber is extensively used in houses as timber flooring Melbourne. This material is much liked by homeowners who love to add a stroke of modernity in their homes. Apart from enhancing the resale value and aesthetics of your home, timber flooring installation can make you stand out from the crowd regarding interior designing. If you are facing trouble in selecting the right type of timber flooring Melbourne for your home, we are here to help you out. Look at the various kinds of hardwood flooring and their benefits to pick the type which best fit your needs:

Hardwood Timber Flooring:

If you have a liking for inherent beauty which varies from log to log, hardwood timber flooring Melbourne is the right pick for you. This type of hardwood flooring is the true epitome of continuously varying natural beauty. They give the rawest hardwood floor look to your house. Hardwood timber flooring Melbourne is manufactured from unsealed and untreated lengths of timber logs. These substantial lengths are milled from a primary piece of timber and dressed to prepare timber flooring Melbourne. Following the milling and dressing, they undergo cutting and sanding for smoother finishes before timber flooring installation.

Professional timber flooring installation requires acclimatization of timber flooring Melbourne to fit into the humidity of the space in which they are to install. We provide floating installation of timber flooring Melbourne in new homes.


  • Raw representation of inherent beauty
  • Vary in grain, texture, and colour for better uniqueness
  • Long lifetime

Floating Timber Flooring:

Floating or engineered timber flooring is another important type of timber flooring. This type of timber flooring Melbourne is made by combining layers of plywood with a thin layer of hardwood timber. Floating timber flooring installation is done using the floating method.

The floating method for timber flooring installation comprises upon the locking system which does not involve the nailing or glueing down of the respective sheets. Available in the thickness ranging from 12mm to 20mm, Floating timber flooring Melbourne is a good pick for anyone who is looking for affordable timber flooring installation.


  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Pre-finished and sustainable
  • Noise reduction and moisture prevention
  • No cupping issues
  • Easier installation

Parquetry Floors:

This type of timber flooring installation is made from individual pieces of timber. These pieces are placed in such a way that they create a geometric pattern. Common patterns include the:

  • Lineal
  • Basketweave
  • Square-on-square
  • Herringbone

Parquetry timber flooring Melbourne is installed using the down glueing method.


  • Pre-assembled, saves time
  • Environment-friendly as it is made of timber off-cuts
  • A wide range of geometric patterns

All types of timber flooring installation:

Floating timber flooring installation:

We offer floating timber flooring installation. In this method, we use the locking system to hold the plywood sheets together with the base of hardwood timber flooring Melbourne.

Glued down timber flooring installation:

Our glued down timber flooring installation method involves the use of certain glues and epoxy resins for installation of Parquetry flooring on a sub-grade timber floor or concrete slabs respectively.

Get the best timber-flooring Melbourne:

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