Floor Repair Services Melbourne

Minor Flooring repairs Melbourne:


During the preliminary stages of floor damage, a top coating of floors with polishes can help in restoring the outlook of hardwood floors. We provide high-quality top-coating of your precious timber wood floors to cover up any floor scratches and minor scuffs which may damage the perspective of your hardwood floors.

Single-board patching:

Our decades of experience in hardwood flooring and repair services have enabled us to develop a keen eye for identifying any damages areas on timber wood floors. Our experienced professionals can quickly indicate any gaps or damages in hardwood floors such as single board’s replacement and patching where holes are present on the hardwood floors.

Floor sanding:

Are you having trouble in dealing with flaking and warping timber wood boards? Our floor sanding services can deal with the warping of hardwood floors and restore the original finish. Our sanding technique will not only level the floor but also cover any scratches.

Sealant application:

Furthermore, it fills any gaps and spaces present in hardwood flooring; our floating floor repair services use particular kinds of customised sealants. These sealants design with the sole objective of filling gaps and affixing floating floors without showing too much of repair signs. Our floor repairs Melbourne are almost invisible to the sight because of the usage of matching material and sealants.

Matching timber selection:

Our experienced team members have got a vast reserve of knowledge on timber identification. This has enabled us in selecting the right type of timber to match with existing hardwood floors. Be it new or recycled wood; our reputed suppliers provide us with the specific timber species which will be needed to cover any damages in your hardwood flooring seamlessly.

Major Floating floor repairs Melbourne:

Wood rot removal:

Have your hardwood floors fell prey to wood rot or severe warping? In such cases, you need professional floating floor repairs Melbourne to determine the extent of damage and selection of the right repair strategy. We will initiate a screening process and check different case scenarios to decide whether the floor needs to be repaired or replaced.

Approved actions:

We will discuss all the available options with you and offer suggestions to help you out in choosing the correct floor repairs Melbourne strategy.

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